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Osteopath at Work

Spinal Manipulation

Manipulation of the spine can promote proper  function  of both the joints and nervous system and a healthy nervous system is essential for optimal health. It allows communication between the brain and the body’s muscles, organs, tissues and even the immune system. Alteration of joint, muscle or nervous system function can cause pain, inflammation, alter mobility, inhibit the body’s ability to heal.

Dr. Gammage's training has enabled her to address her patient’s musculoskeletal complaints as well as assess structural alignment. Even though she is proficient in the traditional techniques of spinal manipulation, Dr. Gammage has developed an eclectic treatment style, utilizing lower force techniques. 

Chiropractors Dr. Clint Warkentin and Dr. Elena Warkentin offer chiropractic services within clinic, including therapies such as Graston, laser and assessment of functional foot disorders.

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