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Naturopathic medicine is a distinct field of medicine where the emphasis of care is on prevention, treatment, and optimizing health through natural methods. Therapeutic choices may be diverse depending an individual’s case, but a health promoting diet, vitamins/minerals, herbs and sometimes hormone therapy are foundational and are based on both traditional applications and scientific evidence. The general goal is not to mask symptoms but to return the body to optimal function and health as well as prevent disease. At PCNM, we like to incorporate both the time tested wisdom of traditional methods of evaluation, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), with more modern methods of lab tests, imaging etc. We find using the best of both worlds is advantageous at providing a more complete picture

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At PCNM we believe a healthy diet is foundational to good heath, but one size does not fit all. Dietary recommendations should be tailored to an individual’s situation, health concerns and health goals.  Typically, we start off with a short term therapeutic diet and follow up with guidelines for more of a long-term lifestyle diet, which is customized to your individual body composition and metabolism.   If weight loss is your primary purpose for consulting the clinic, we do offer body composition testing (aka BIA) from which we design a dietary program for you based on your results. This is referred to as the “first line therapy program” or FLT for short

Herbal Medicine


Allergy or sensitivity? 

Do you feel a food or something from your environment is bothering you?

We have many different options of testing to determine a course of therapy.

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At PCNM we feel that addressing hormone imbalances should be tailored to each individual. Things taken into consideration include symptom picture and severity, genetic predisposition, how an individual metabolizes their hormones, if there are imbalances in other areas such as the thyroid and/or adrenal glands and finally what treatment option(s) is the patient most comfortable with? Dr. Gammage is licenced to prescribe hormones including estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid. However, to make sure the right hormones are prescribed, she does require lab testing. Keep in mind that addressing hormonal issues does not necessarily require prescription hormones, other natural therapies can be considered as well.

At Peace Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine Inc, we believe each person has the innate ability to heal. We employ different strategies in order to unlock that ability.

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