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Welcome to Peace Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine (PCNM) online!

Our natural medicine clinic focuses on general family healthcare and is guided by the principles of naturopathic medicine. PCNM was founded in July 1999 in the beautiful Peace River region of British Columbia by Dr. Amanda Gammage and Jason Richards. Our clinic services patients not only from this area, but from across Canada as well. PCNM offers a wide variety of treatments and therapies designed to support the patient whether they are dealing with chronic or acute illness or a desire to maintain optimal health.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

  • First do no harm: Primum No Nocere
  • The healing power of nature: Vis Medicatrix Naturae
  • Identify and treat the cause: Tolle Causum
  • Heal the whole person: Tolle Totum
  • The physician as teacher: Docere
  • Prevention: Prevention is the best cure!

At PCNM we offer a wide array of natural therapies to assist you to achieve your health goals successfully. Whether you are dealing with a chronic problem or just want to learn some new techniques to stay healthy, our knowledgeable staff will help to find the right solution for you!

Explore the links to the left to find the right thaerapy for you, or call our office to speak with our friendly staff about the many things we may do for you! 250-787-6020


Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

#204 9730 101 Ave
Fort St. John, BC
V1J 2A8

Phone: 250-787-6020
E-mail: info@peace-clinic-of-naturopathic-medicine.com

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