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Medical Aesthetics


Terry Michil Johnston, MD

36 years of active hospital based practice, with an ongoing focus in cosmetics and dermatology.


Physician Performed Aesthetics

At our medical spa, Dr. Johnston and his staff provides non-invasive cosmetic procedures to men and women to satisfy their aesthetic desires or needs. Consultation and individualized treatment is provided prior to receiving any medical treatments. We encourage you to come with your questions or concerns. Each client should ask themselves what they want to focus on most when they look in the mirror. We will then use this information to determine a customized program to achieve the desired results. Some of the procedures available are Botox(tm) for wrinkles and hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating), Dermal fillers for facial line and lips, Mesotherapy for focused sculpturing and many other innovative techniques. 


Bella Contour






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Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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